What is this form for?

Due to the COVID situation and current social distancing measures, the way that teaching happens at SRUC is run is different to usual. For instance, teaching now happens mostly online (via Moodle), and you’ll be using this platform to communicate with staff and your classmates. There are be changes to the way that assessment and practical skills are delivered. We recognise that this will likely be a very different teaching experience to what you might have expected, however our dedicated staff teams are working hard to ensure that you get the best learning experience possible at SRUC.  

It is very important that we make sure that all our students have all the resources and support they need to take part in online teaching, and to excel. This form is designed to help you think about your needs, and how we can support you to study online. We can then contact you to discuss any support that you may need.

Who needs to fill in this form?

We would encourage all students to fill this in and return it to us, so that we can make sure that you have everything you need. We recommend that students with additional needs are supported to complete this form by an appropriate person (e.g. parent/ carer/school etc.) 

What will happen with the information in this form?

The form will help us understand what support and resources we need to put in place for you, we'll do our best to make sure that appropriate support is put in place for you. All personal details given on this form will be treated with the appropriate level of confidentiality.

Who do I contact if I need help or have questions?

If you have any questions about any part of the form, please get in touch with your campus:

Student Support Assessment Form

Note: you only need to fill this form in once.

If you're a returning student, please provide your SRUC email address.
i.e. is anyone in your life partly or wholly dependent on you for their day to day care e.g. a child with additional care or support needs, disabled/aged parent or other vulnerable individual? N.B. in this context being a parent does not automatically make one a carer.