Bringing your car to college

The following regulations apply to students bringing their own vehicles onto the College campus:

  • Students must hold a valid full driving licence.
  • Students must keep their vehicles in a roadworthy condition.
  • Students must inform the college of any change to their registered vehicle.
  • Students must agree to drive with due care and consideration for all other campus users, observe the 10mph speed limit and park their vehicle only in the clearly designated parking areas.
  • Vehicles must have road tax.
  • Vehicles must have a current M.O.T. Certificate.
  • Vehicles must be properly insured.
  • All vehicles parked on SRUC property are left at the owner's own risk (SRUC does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss).
  • Driving or parking on grass areas may result in invoices being issued to pay for repairs.
  • The college reserves the right to confiscate vehicle keys should any student be considered unfit to drive and/or be a danger to themselves and others.

Any student found to breach traffic or vehicle regulations as above or demonstrate unsafe practices driving on campus such as speeding, handbrake turns, wheel spins, etc. may result in their car being banned from the campus.

Only resident students may park near the halls of residence. All other cars must be parked in the Education Centre car park.

If you change your vehicle during the academic year you must inform the Faculty Office.

Parking Permit Application Form

Note: you only need to fill this form in once.

If you have the use of more than one vehicle please list each one