Your college account

The first thing you will need to do is access your student account.

You will need your password and student number. Your username to access SRUC systems is the same as your student number and your password will have been emailed to you previously so should have a copy.

Read more about how to stay safe and manage your password (PDF).

Your email account

Everyone at SRUC is provided with an Outlook email account, which is an application in Office 365. Your student email account will be valid for the duration of your study.

Email addresses are formatted as

By using Office365 you are able to access your emails from any device at any time.

Read more about how to access your email account (PDF).

Saving your files

At SRUC, we use OneDrive as part of Office 365 to save files. OneDrive lets you save your files securely and easily. You can also access your files anywhere at any time from any device. There is no need to connect to the SRUC network.

You will also have access to network drives to store information on, but this will only be available when you are on campus or using the student desktop.

Read more about saving your files (PDF).

Working off campus

You can access all services needed anywhere, any time, as long as you have an internet connection. Some applications you can access quickly and easily on any device such as your email. Other services such as accessing specific software, can only be accessed by connecting to the college network via the Student Desktop or Virtual PC. 


While you are studying at SRUC, there's a high chance that you'll need to print out some of your work at some point. To help with this, there are large multi-function printers (which can also scan and photocopy) situated on each campus. Here you will be able to print out your work in black and white or colour onto A4 and A3 paper.

Read more about getting set up to print (PDF).

Mobile apps

You can access many of the systems you will use at college from a mobile device such as your smart phone: Outlook, One Drive, MYSRUC. 

Read more about mobile apps (PDF). 


At SRUC you will have access to WiFi through Eduroam. Eduroam is a Wi-Fi service that is used by educational and research institutions all over the world. It allows students and staff to log in with the same details at any of them.  

Read more about accessing the wifi (PDF).


Which device and how to connect 

This section will provide you with suggestions around the minimum requirements for a laptop or desktop, what your connectivity should be and some guidance should you wish to purchase a new device.

Read more about devices (PDF).


How to find help 

Shared Service Delivery (SSD) can help students with a wide range of issues from; connecting to Wi-Fi, resetting passwords and helping you log on.  

Read more about where to find help (PDF).


Let us know that you have your IT resources

Please complete this form to help us make sure that you have all of the IT resources that you need to take part in online teaching. 

IT Resource Assessment Form