A sustainability consultant advises organisations large and small on how to produce environmentally sustainable strategies, how to reduce their carbon footprint, and how to minimise resource use to save money.

Our Environmental Management course is a great pathway to being a sustainability consultant. The course contains modules in Environmental Management Systems; Sustainable Environmental Management; Resource Efficiency; and Security and Innovations in Carbon Management, amongst others.

A sustainability consultant can work with or within a company to plan and deliver sustainable business strategies and working practices – that is to say, business practices which respect and augment the natural environment or ecosystem on a local and global scale.

Put another way, the sustainability consultant devises strategies to prevent or minimise the potentially harmful effects that business practice can cause when, directly or indirectly, it constitutes a drain on natural resources.

As well as ensuring the implementation of binding environmental law, the consultant can suggest alternative practices that are not only beneficial to the environment, but financially beneficial to the company with which they are working.

The sector is young, dynamic, and increasingly important. Sustainability consultants have a detailed knowledge of the scientific and legal issues concerned with climate change, and use this knowledge logistically to devise new ways of living and working sustainably.

Caroline Vincent
is an Honours Student who is moving to do an MSc in sustainability and resource management.