The courses offered at SRUC are very varied and open up a huge range of possible career avenues, from engineers to environmental consultants.

Our courses are designed with industry in mind and our tutors understand the workplace that their students are ultimately aiming for. So by taking a course at SRUC, you will be well prepared for what awaits once you have finished.

Below you will see some different career pathways our courses lead to, and the opportunities they offer. You'll also find links to campus-specific advice, student stories information for career advisors.

Also take a look at the Lantra Scotland career pages for further inspiration and advice. Another good resource is the Scottish Government's Careers in Agriculture pages.

Student success stories

Studying at SRUC can be a great stepping stone to the career you've always dreamed about. Read about some of our former students and how their degree has helped them achieve their goals.

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Campus specific advice

Go here for information on careers advice available at your campus.
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Career advisors

Information for Career Advisors
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