Unlike brokers and comparison sites, we act independently and do not get commission or referral fees. This means the information we provide to you is unbiased and transparent. Our recommendations factor in the customer service and price of the potential suppliers, meaning you can be assured you will get good service and a competitive price.

Our years of experience in providing this service means we understand the market and suppliers, and they understand they have one opportunity put forward their best possible price – meaning you do not need to haggle to get the best price. We are also experienced in contracts, meaning we can spot problems and typically get them resolved with the supplier.

Potential savings

Farm type Annual electricity consumption Previous annual electricity bill Annual electricity bill through EBS Annual saving through using EBS
Dairy 93,290 kWh £13,129 £12,106 £1,023
Beef 11,090 kWh £3,259 £2,939 £320
Sheep 14,000 kWh £1,820 £1,400 £420

"From day one we have found the service friendly, simple to use with fantastic customer service. Plenty of choice of suppliers. First class start to finish!”

Mr Paterson – beef farmer

The EBS is a comprehensive service:

  • We will gather all the information necessary for the switch, including for more complex moves such as those involving multiple premises and/or meters

  • We will liaise with your current supplier to ensure you do not incur unnecessary charges

  • Having put your requirements to our panel of trusted suppliers, we will present you with the results and our recommendation. The final decision is yours

  • Once you have decided, we will set up the contract with your new supplier and monitor the situation to ensure a smooth transfer

  • We will remind you three months before the contract ends, ensuring that you always have an opportunity to review and get the best price


  • "Can negotiate a much better price than we could ourselves. It is perfect.”

    Mr Young – beef farmer

  • "The hassle of using a comparison website which in the past I found unreliable.”

    Mr Lyell – beef and sheep farmer

  • "Problems with the utility companies are dealt with efficiently.”

    Mr Muir – dairy farmer

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